Saturday, November 16, 2013

Fun Travel in Eldorado

There is no way of logic or believe that justifies an outdoor show for the second day of November, but the defiant nature of rock n' roll generally seems to lack conventionality. Sacrificing comfort and warmth were many music-enthusiasts that found themselves in front of the large stone amphitheater in El Dorado on Friday night. On the line-up was El Dorado's prize band, Faux Reality, and a couple of Wichita's most adept music acts, The Travel Guide and The Fever Trend. With temperatures dipping as the concert located fruition, a miniscule but fearless crowd accumulated to welcome The Fever Trend's first song.

With a backbone consists of funky indie-rock and the occasional shredding guitar solo, The Fever Trend's entertainment value comes from the slick tracks they always come prepared with. Bassist Davis McClendon consistently plays using a relaxed groove, every so often utilizing his Kaossilator to provide an electronic tint towards the music, while lead man and guitarist Carlos Malache adds a spontaneous energy on the band. Where The Fever Trend always delivers has been 'A Quiet Place' that incorporates every quirk that makes them an appealing listen ' the sharp chirps in the Kaossilator, the bombastic drumming of Jayke Wedel and Malache's olive-oil voice.

How far more is it possible to say with regards to a band that's had more coverage in the El Dorado area than every other? Faux Reality is a band very often delivers, each time with a little more visceral bite. Dual vocalists Thomas and James Hays upgrade their performances from show to show, and drummer Garret Armstrong follows suit. From a passionate shout combined with 'I Won't' with an a lot more exaggerated breakdown in 'Changed', the group is definitely seemingly seconds from destroying their equipment in a very music-rage frenzy. It works on their benefit, however, since new eyes and ears are inside the audience to experience them for the first time.

The Travel Guide shares this volatile trait. Guitarist and vocalist Thayne Coleman simply famous for his modesty on stage, often thrashing himself about and salivating just like a house pet on Thanksgiving. With two new additions adding depth and further insanity, Kristyn Chapman on guitar and Nick Driskill on bass, The Travel Guide could easily seat themselves upon the Wichita area music throne in years ahead. Drummer Will Erickson may be the glue keep project together. Breaking a stick halfway with the final song is symbolism enough for which he brings towards the band regarding energy.

Three great bands, one underused venue, and weather which includes no type of consistency will be the concise explaination music in El Dorado. The amphitheater tucked out of sight and from main roads has got the possibility to be something wonderful for music in El Dorado, but never will you discover a packed house for local bands, despite their presence as the small sliver of modern culture the town has. Bring visitors to shows in El Dorado and view what comes next ' it could be great.